Monday, December 20, 2010

A+ in the dinner department

With time off for Christmas I am finding the need to experiment and flex my cooking muscles. (I hope you won't mind if this blog goes foodie for a few days).

My bloggy friend Taylor posted a MUST TRY sandwich last week and I thought tonight was the perfect night to try it. You take two slices of sourdough, 3 slices of brie, 1/4 a green apple, and 1/2 a pear (the fruits must be sliced VERY THIN), and 3 slices of deli turkey (or roast turkey if you have it one hand). Stack the meat, cheese, and fruit between the bread and place it in your panini press.
This sandwich is AMAZING! I think Panera actually sells it, or maybe wholefoods, but it is super easy to make and a MUST TRY for sure.

I made two sandwiches, but we shared one and I served the halves with spicy sweet potato soup.
This soup tastes like an Africa peanut soup we used to eat in DC and I cannot get enough of it. You can make it on the stove in 30 minutes or in your crock if you are going to be out for the day.

And because we love our condiments in the Republican household I decided to try Alton Brown's cranberry dipping sauce.
This sauce is meant to go over turkey and stuffing, but it tasted fabulous with our panini tonight and I hear it great with apple/cheddar grilled cheese.

So all in all tonight's dinner looked a bit like this. And was devoured in seconds!
Seasons Eatings!


  1. Mmmmm, your dinner sounds delicious too. Tell me more about this cranberry dipping sauce. I think I need to bookmark it ;)

  2. Cranberry dipping sauce = OJ, Cranberries, gingerale, maple syrup and 30 minutes on the stove. Super easy and so good!