Sunday, July 26, 2009


I am half way through my second grad class and I feel like I am on a treadmill running as fast as I can going nowhere. I realize this will all be over in a week and life will settle and return to normalcy. However, right now, I am tired...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time to fess up...

I haven't run in 10 days. My lack of running started innocently. I over ran for a week and ended up with shin splints. (It hurt to even walk or stand!) I decided to take it easy and just walk instead of running. I have to say that I LOVE walking. I can breathe when I walk. I do not sweat profusely. And I can talk to my neighbors on the treadmill or around the block. My lack of running might also be due to the fact that I have decided to tackle A MILLION house projects this summer. And while I am steadily crossing off things on my to do list we still have so many projects still in the works.

I am jumping back on the fit train tomorrow. My Nikes will be glad to be back in action. Wish me luck!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tea Party

As most of you know, Mr. R is the president of the young republicans in our area and has spent most of his life trying to fight for small goverment, lower taxes, and a sound defense stretegy for our nation. He has worked on a ridiculous number of campains, knocked on hundreads of doors, taken thousands of calls from irate consiuents when he was on Capitol Hill. Now, he has decided to educate americans through press and speaking engagements. I am starting to think that I married a young Bill Kristol.

We attended the Saint Augustine TEA party last sunday. (In case your TV isn't glued to FOX news like ours is the TEA parties were put together as a way for Americans to say we are Taxed Enough Already and ask for smarter government spending.)

Here are a few pics of the event captured by yours truly (& our friend Terry). Below you will find Mr. R's letter to the editor. Power to the people!

Why I Attended the Tea Party

I attended last week’s tea party to add my voice to the hundreds of thousands of people nation-wide who are upset with how Congress and the Obama administration are spending our tax dollars. Although the opinions of the combined protestors ranged from fair tax, to flat tax, to no tax, etc. – we all agree that this administration has put our country on the wrong track.

Strike one is a stimulus bill that is so laden with pork barrel projects that it may actually help to lengthen the economic recession.

Strike two is the bailout to the automakers, Chrysler and GM. With our tax dollars, the government essentially bought a stake in two companies that sell products no one wants to buy. Oh by the way, after two rounds of bailouts, the administration now admits those companies may be forced to file for bankruptcy – something they would have done already if they had not received billions of our tax dollars.

Strike three is the administration’s budget plan for 2010. That budget calls for a massive increase in entitlement spending and calls for the creation of a nationalized healthcare system which has the potential to be the greatest encroachment of government power on our individual liberties.

While the national media’s coverage was largely dismissive of last week’s protests, they and our elected leadership should consider that it is very early in Mr. Obama’s presidency. If half a million people can be roused to protest this early into the president’s term, it is a sign of a nation looking for some spare change.

Mr. Republican
President, St. Johns County Young Republicans

My Saturday Morning...

Mr. R and my grandfather are covered in dirt and steadily tilling our courtyard, soon to be puppy park. Simon and Sophie are happily chewing busy bones on the chaise loungers watching Mr. R and my grandfather sweat and push the enormous rototiller. I am drinking coffee and finishing my LAST PAPER for my class! (In between blogging and checking email). Don't judge. I can't be out there right now, I do have a paper to finish after all...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Mr. R Speaks: Movies

I love movies. I love movies that make me laugh, I love movies that make me think, and I love movies with lots of explosions and crappy dialogue. H does not like the same movies as me. In fact, I don't think she likes any of the same movies.

I preface this because there are some movies that I could watch anytime they are on TV, and I happened to come across one of them this evening as I was looking for something not on the Style channel, Food Network, or TLC (didn't the "L" used to stand for "Learning?" What the hell happened there?).

For me, "Ghostbusters" is one of those movies I could watch any time. Hell, I could watch it back to back and never get tired of it. The cast is fantastic, the dialogue is clever, and the special effects have held up remarkably well for a movie that was made in 1984.

Of course, H does not feel this way about "Ghostbusters." After nixing my viewing choice I asked her if there were any movies she liked so much that she could watch them at any time. A simple "no" was her answer. How on earth did I end up tied to a person who places so little value in entertainment? Who doesn't love to take a break from all that is stressing them out, turn off their brain for 2 hours and laugh a little?

Help me out here folks! She hates my movies so much that I usually end up owing her two chick flicks for every one movie that I like. The tyranny must end! I'll go crazy if I have to sit through one more romantic comedy where the big-city ice queen b-tch finds herself in a small town butting heads with with a ruggedly handsome, yet sarcastic yokel who is secretely rich and engaged to a gold-digger before realizing in the last 10 minutes that they're soul mates.

I'm Back! .... almost

In the midst of our home renovations, graduate work, and my belated quarter-life crisis... I realized I missed documenting what's going on in Casa de Republican. I know my life is no true Hollywood story, but I still would like to record the mini milestones Mr. R and I are making. The solution to my lack of time and need to blog is Mr. R speaks! You lovely readers will be treated to some of the sarcasm and witicims I live with on a daily basis. (Think Ted, aka the professor, from How I Met Your Mother). He's making his debut tonight and hope you learn to love him like I do. Trust me, he grows on you.