Sunday, May 19, 2013

We've MOVED!

Short Story: The Republicans have moved blogging platforms and you can now find us over on tumblr. Click this link to find our new page.
Make sure to update your reader or favorites bar to keep hearing/seeing about our little lives.

Long Story:
In January, Blogger changed how you can upload pictures and import text. Blogging became much more time consuming that add!ing a bit of text and downloading images from my camera. Seriously, what once took ten minutes became an HOUR LONG process. Not Fun! Especially with a young child and busy, traveling husband. I am not ready to hang up my blogging hat yet, so I hope that our switch to tumblr will make blogging easier and you will get to hear from us more often!

See on the other side friends!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Monsters on Monday

 Mr. R. has class on Mondays and Pip and I fend for ourselves. I try to come up with new or special activities for us on Mondays that will keep Pip entertained while keeping me sane and the house still standing. This week our entertainment came in the form of puzzles, coloring pages, a walk around the neighborhood and a visit from her second favorite Sesame Street Monster, Grover. 
Pip received an itunes gift card for Christmas and I have been researching toddler apps to add to her collection. One of my favorite childhood books, There is a Monster at the End of this Book, is now an interactive app for toddlers. Grover reads the books and interacts with your child as she turns pages. Pip loved it! We read the book three times on Monday night and she and Mr. R. read the book the following morning. Worth every penny. 

Unplugged Saturday

 Saturday I accidentally left my cell phone at home. Pip had us up at 6:00AM and we were dressed and out of the house by 7:00. We took over the slides at the park, Pip tried the monkey bars for the first time, we took a ride on the carousel, and stopped by to visit with my grandparents. We also spent Saturday night in the company of amazing friends with 6 kids, two dogs, a cat, and a bunny running around.
And I don't have a single picture to document any of these events. Saturday I was accidentally unplugged from the world and it was delicious. The world was fine without me and I didn't miss the text messages, pictures, and status updates that have become my daily routine. I also didn't pin a single recipe or craft project on Saturday either. My energy and my focus was on Pip and Mr. R. and while I don't think they noticed the difference I enjoyed being more present and not being distracted by the buzz of an email. I can see more unplugged Saturdays in my future. 
The photos your see are the result of me cleaning my camera and switching my lens. Pip was more than willing to model while I adjusted my settings. She loves to say "cheese!"

A trip to Tokyo from the comfort of our couch.

 I had a craving for sushi and Friday is take-out night in our house. Thanks to pinterest and Netflix Mr. R. and I enjoyed an evening in Japan after Pip went to bed. We had a chopstick competition. We learned how a sumo match is actually won. We played best out of three on fruit ninja. We made popcorn and settled in to watch Godzilla. 
It was awesome in a relaxing, pajama wearing, couch lounging kind of way. 
 There is something to be said for Friday nights spent in pajamas. 
TGIF... It will be Friday soon right?

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Celebrating Chinese New Year Coloring Style

 Our favorite media specialist, Miss Kristine, loaded Pip up with a set of coloring sheets to celebrate Chinese New Year. We hadn't planned on celebrating the year of the snake, but with a tower of markers, takeout from Panda Express and new coloring sheets we gladly joined the festivities. 
 Mr. R. and I made up pretend fortunes for each other based on our astrological signs. FYI: Mr. R. will enjoy spending more time in the kitchen and laundry room this year. Aka, I hope the year of the snake gives him a strong desire to love folding laundry and doing dishes

. Mr. R. told me that the year of the snake will bring a strong desire for me to close cabinet doors and squeeze from the bottom of the toothpaste. Ha!
 Gong Xi Fa Coi (Happy New Year)  Friends!

A "Pin-cess" Castle

Miss Pip fell in love with Princesses this fall and this Christmas Mr. R. and I decided a Princess castle should become part of our household. We cashed in a few gift cards for the little people Disney princess castle and hid it away in the pantry. 

Miss Pip was so overwhelmed with love and loot this Christmas that we decided to save her Castle for a fun Valentine's Day surprise. Thursday afternoon she woke up from her nap to see Cinderella's castle on our coffee table. 
Upon first sight, she ran right to the castle yelling "pin-cess! pin-cess!". She loves to knock on and then open the doors. She loves the elevator and how she can make the princesses dance on the outdoor patio.
And if we are being honest, I love it to! I love that she babbles dialogue to me as we play. I love that she kisses her princesses good night when she puts them in the bed. I love that I am seeing her blossom before my eyes. 

Happy Valentine's Day Mr. R.!

I was down and out on Valentine's Day this year. What I thought was the stomach flu on Saturday turned into a kidney infection by Sunday. I was out of work on Monday and Tuesday and in survival mode for the rest of the week. I was feeling better, but not up for anything other than working and coming home to take up residence on our couch.

We decided to postpone our Valentine's Day celebration until later that weekend. My gift to Mr. R. this year was a food passport. I found the idea on pinterest and did a bit of research on urbanspoon and yelp to find the best foodie recommendation in our neck of the woods.
Mr. R.'s passport includes 40 places. Some require us to enjoy a full meal, while others specify a dessert, drink, or wine and cheese pairing.

I included a few rules to keep it interesting and make sure we don't give up.
1. Whenever we are stumped for a place to go on a date with refer to the food passport.
2. We must include the date when we went to the restaurant and what we ordered.
3. We must rate the meal/snack/drink using the sticker system. (green= amazing, I want more! yellow = good, we will be back, pink = not worth a second trip)
4. We cannot return to a restaurant in the passport until we have completed the passport.

And if you are wondering about Mr. R's v-day gift to me; He did good! Kendra Scott, Elle earrings in mint.