Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day Mr. R.!

I was down and out on Valentine's Day this year. What I thought was the stomach flu on Saturday turned into a kidney infection by Sunday. I was out of work on Monday and Tuesday and in survival mode for the rest of the week. I was feeling better, but not up for anything other than working and coming home to take up residence on our couch.

We decided to postpone our Valentine's Day celebration until later that weekend. My gift to Mr. R. this year was a food passport. I found the idea on pinterest and did a bit of research on urbanspoon and yelp to find the best foodie recommendation in our neck of the woods.
Mr. R.'s passport includes 40 places. Some require us to enjoy a full meal, while others specify a dessert, drink, or wine and cheese pairing.

I included a few rules to keep it interesting and make sure we don't give up.
1. Whenever we are stumped for a place to go on a date with refer to the food passport.
2. We must include the date when we went to the restaurant and what we ordered.
3. We must rate the meal/snack/drink using the sticker system. (green= amazing, I want more! yellow = good, we will be back, pink = not worth a second trip)
4. We cannot return to a restaurant in the passport until we have completed the passport.

And if you are wondering about Mr. R's v-day gift to me; He did good! Kendra Scott, Elle earrings in mint.

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