Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Night

On Mondays when Mr. R. is in town her has class. This means Pip and I are on our own from mid afternoon to way past both our bedtimes. While Mr. R. is pouring over statistical data and accounting spread sheets, Pip and I are holding down the fort. Most Mondays we try to get out the house for a walk and some exploring. We might run errands or visit friends. But some Mondays bring cold rain and we are forced to stay indoors making the most of my creative ability and her attention span. 
This past Monday it poured. We hunkered down in the living room thankful for a dry roof over our heads. I pulled out the rice box and puzzles. We stacked block towers and knocked them over Godzilla style. We made tomato soup for dinner. We finger painted and practiced shapes. She is awesome at recognizing circles and hearts. 
And finally it was time for a bath.

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