Monday, February 18, 2013

A kidney infection, valentine's day, and a much needed break.

The title pretty much sums up the past week. Last Thursday I started to feel unwell, the feeling you get before you get sick. By Saturday I was convinced I had the stomach flu. I was achey, I had intense stomach pain, and I couldn't keep anything down. On Sunday the stomach pain became unbearable and I found myself in the hospital being treated for a kidney infection. Several doses of antibiotics and pain meds later I was sent home to rest and recover.

Last week I had two unexpected days off from work. I spent my days on the couch, catching up on season 2 of Downton Abbey while the world continued on without me. In my mind I think I carry much of the responsibility for our family on my shoulders and that without me listing, doing, and planning our little household would fall. Last week was a wonderful reminder that my husband is a superstar and will rise to the occasion when needed. He was chief cook, bath giver, story reader, and errand runner.

This weekend I started to feel more like myself and tonight I am actually looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. Pip is now down for the night and the pups are hogging the bed. Time for me to close this laptop and fight for a sliver of bed space next to Mr. R.

Happy Presidents Day Friends!

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