Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cupid Visit, February 3rd

Can you tell I am having a blast filling these mailboxes? I wish you could be in the room to see the excitement in Pip's face as she opens the mailbox. Once she knows Cupid came she runs to the dining room, pulls out her own chair, and reaches for her pink mailbox. She can't quite open the mailbox by herself yet so Mr. R. or I loosen it for her and then she ooohs and ahhs as she peeks at the contents inside. Melts my mama heart. 
On Sunday she found a Hello Kitty purse inside. The purse was immediately opened, stuffed to the gills, and placed on her arm. She only puts the purse down long enough for baths and naps. Right now her purse contains a pink marker, chapstick, and Ariel the little mermaid. 
Mr. R. has also been on the receiving end of cupid gifts. Sunday I told him "life would be unBEARable without him".  We have all been enjoying his new stash of gummi bears. In our house, the red ones are the first to go.

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