Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Go Fight Win!

High school is this weird time in your life when everything is awful and wonderful at the same time. There were times in high school when I was on top of the world and then their were other times where I literally wanted to crawl into a hole and die. 12 years out the awkward memories from high school have faded and I can look back on my four years fondly and laugh. 
 Tonight Mr. R. and I went back to high school.
With the help of The Dating Divas, we found out we are smarter than most 12th graders. 95%!
That's honor roll material baby!
Then we moved on to yearbook photos.
I printed out yearbook pictures from 1950 - 1990 using yearbook yourself. I had Mr. R. matchup our pictures and then give each couple superlatives. 
We decided 1980's Mr. R. is now a CEO of a major corporation and that 1950's me has the BEST glasses ever!
I found yearbook survey questions and we spent dinner going back and forth answering questions. We only answered 1/4 of the questions tonight and I am totally bookmarking this site for future date nights. 
We ended our night with a Redbox rental.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Date 16:

Tropical Storm Debbie has been raining down us. We made it out to volunteer at Vacation Bible School and a quick trip to the grocery store, but the rest of the day was spent indoors. 
Our date last night was a spin on the easiest date ever, dinner and a movie. We canceled cable in May and as an alternative we joined Netflix streaming and DVD delivery. I knew Mr. R. had been wanting to see Iron Lady, the Margret Thatcher movie, so I placed it in our Netflix queue and it was delivered last Friday. 
Our dinner consisted of a British pub staple, fish, chips, and mushy peas. To make this dinner somewhat healthy, I bake the fish and roast the potatoes. 
(Authentic London Pub Version)
(My version)
Roasted Potatoes: 
2 potatoes sliced thin (like french fries) or diced (like homefries). Toss with two tablespoons of olive oil and one tablespoon of McCormick grill seasoning. Bake in our oven at 425 for 25 minutes. You will never go back to frozen french fries again, I promise!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Piptures Take 2

The Weekend Lens

 Friday night was date night. I had an I Spy/Detective theme going on. I made a secret decoder and wrote three clues for Mr. R. to decipher.
The first clue led him to his bookshelf where an I spy book (borrow it from the library) was waiting for us. Mr. R. is the I spy king!
 He beat me by 5 points!
Clue #2 led him to our TV console. Hidden amongst our DVDs was a Redbox rental. Going along with our spy theme I rented This Means War.
  It is a cute date night movie, action for him and romance for me. This date cost me $1.06 for the rental. It was an awesome and inexpensive date night!
Saturday we invited a few friends over. I have been pinning recipes like crazy to pinterest and a night with friends is a perfect excuse to make a mess in the kitchen and make my friends guinea pigs.
I made 7 layer taco dip (a new spin on my usual recipe), spicy spinach and bacon dip, and samoa cookie dough dip. We were able to actually talk about non work things, discuss summer plans, and watch our KIDS play together. I never thought this day would come! Our little group had three babies running around on Saturday night :)

 Sunday we celebrated six years of marriage. SIX YEARS!
Miss Rita offered us a night out next weekend so we plans to hit the town and celebrate then. We had a lazy Sunday at home complete with brunch after church and a long afternoon nap. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

6 years!

I love you to the moon and back babe!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Story time with the Jacksonville Zoo!

Miss Pip and I were invited to story time with our Mommy group yesterday, the theme for this week was peek-a-boo animals. We read the story Peek-a-boo Zoo and then the education coordinator from the Jax Zoo brought out peek-a-boo animals for the children to touch. 

 Of course, my child, Piper the fearless walked right up to the animals to pet each one. She didn't flinch when he brought out the snake and the armadillo. And she was absolutely in love with the bunny and the opossum.

Maybe we have a future vet or zoologist in the family?

 After story hour we joined two other Mamas and babes for iced coffee and munchkins. 
 Play dates are my fave!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Night, Date Night

A craving for Red Lobster Biscuits

Mr. R. loves Red Lobster biscuits.
He also loves clam chowder, lobster rolls, and blueberry cobbler. I think his political stint in Maine is responsible for his love of seafood and blueberries.
 I took a trip to Costco on Tuesday and found Legal Seafood's clam chowder in the soup section. Immediately a date night idea was born. I decided to pay homage to Mr. R.'s time in Maine tonight. 
Lobster rolls are out of our budget and to be honest I would have no idea what to do with a whole lobster so we dined on clam chowder, red LOBSTER biscuits (I use this recipe), and I made blueberry cobbler for dessert.
 After Pip went down we watched The Seven Year Itch. Have you seen it?
It's one of those movies that people bring up at parties and up until now I would have to smile and nod as they talked about it's relevance to marriage today. If you care to hear my review, I liked it. It's cute, funny, and Marilyn Monroe looks beautiful. I love that she drinks champagne with potato chips and slips into an evening gown for after dinner drinks. 
I wonder what Mr. R. would do if I started wearing evening gowns to drink post dinner coffee at our dining room table.