Sunday, June 17, 2012

Brinner and a slumber party.

Mr. R. was in full campaign mode today. He left our house very early this morning to pound the pavement, knock on doors, and promote Ron DeSantis. As much as Pip and I missed him, I understand that this is campaign season and I married a die hard Republican who lives for polling results, quarterly financial reports, and voter canvasing analysis.

Had this been a typical Saturday, not during campaign season, we would have slept in, gone to the park, and gone out for brunch. I decided that campaign season should not mess with our ability to have brunch. 
We had brunch err... brinner in our pajamas at 6:00 PM. 

(brin-ner) adj. breakfast eaten at the time in which you eat dinner.
for brinner, i had pancakes with a side of bacon.

Well hello, there waffle maker, we've missed you. I think waffles are best when covered in bananas and chocolate chips. 
We spend the rest of our evening in slumber party mode. 
I dragged blankets and pillows into the media room and pushed the chaises together.
Games were played, TV was watched, and unlike in middle school I didn't have to worry about waking to frozen undies or a mustache drawn on my face.

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