Friday, June 15, 2012

Book Club

Back in May I sent out an all call to my teacher friends, Republican friends, church friends, and fellow JSL girls. I wanted to start a frivolous, wine focused, gossip necessary book club. I wanted a few hours each week where I could be Hilary, not Hilary the wife or Hilary the teacher, or Hilary the mom. I wanted time to talk about reality TV, book plots, and eat junk food without feeling guilty. Turns out I have a few friends that wanted that too.

We had our first book club last night and I am deeming it a success. The book, Then Came You, is good. Not too heavy, but intriguing. The conversation flowed easily, and thanks to Simon and Schuester publishing, the book talk questions were already written for me. 

And now on to the most important part... the food.

I tried out two new recipes last night and used one old stand by. I think my favorite part about having people over is getting to go through my pinterest boards and finally making some of the food I have pinned. 
Last night I made the 7 layer Mediterranean dip. It was inspired by Annie from Annie's Eats, but I went the semi-homemade way using prepackaged hummus, no cilantro pesto, and taziki from Costco.  It was delicious! Pip even ate the last remnants for her lunch today.
The second recipe has been around forever, but it is new to me. Cowboy caviar is easy, cheap to make, and tastes just like summer.
And lastly, I made the cookie dough dip from How Sweet it is. This is a hands down favorite in my house. We usually eat our portions with apples, but last night I served it with chocolate teddy grahams. Mr. R. was beyond excited to see the teddy grahams come in the house. And lucky for him there are still a few leftovers waiting to be eaten. 

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