Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bocce is fun. (And an Italian themed date)

We had never played before, but it's easy to learn. It reminds me of skeeball and as a kid I loved skeeball. When Pip is old enough to step foot inside of a Chuck E. Cheese they might as well just hand over all the tickets because I am that good.
Mr. R. says bocce is similar shuffleboard. I think it's hilarious that he has actually played shuffleboard.

 I read that bocce was created in Italy so the rest of our date consisted of Italian things. We ate ravioli, watched the Italian Riviera episode of Rick Steve's Europe, and split a bowl of gelato as dessert. 
P.S. I call this photo series, Piper thinks bocce balls are Easter eggs and runs off with them as we play. The last shot is my win. We were tied 2-2 and my little green ball edged his out for the win!

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