Saturday, June 9, 2012

A coffee and bread lady Saturday

We woke up late this morning. Pip decided to sleep in until after 8 and I relished in quiet morning coffee, a long shower, and time to read blogs without little hands grabbing at the mouse and the computer screen. It was amazing! I treated Mr. R. and Pip to coffee (and organic whole milk) this morning. I have several Starbuck's giftcards burning holes in my pockets (thank you students!) and I felt a latte was in order. 
We then took our coffee a few streets down to check out the wares at our local farmer's market. Today we met the new popsicle man, shopped for a watercolor to put in our living room, and found our new cheesemonger. Next week we are totally buying some paneer. We did make two purchases before heading home. Our favorite person at the Farmer's Market is the bread lady. 
We have tried almost everything she sells, and almost always, we agree that the newest item we tried is our favorite. Today's  favorites include Guava pastry and a slice of brown sugar banana bread. 
 The rest of today was pretty mellow.
Afternoon nap? check.
Clean the bedroom? check.
Sweep, swiffer, and mop our floors? check.
Visit the grandparents? check.
Drink strawberry sangria while making jumbalaya for dinner? check and check. 
Happy Saturday!

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