Sunday, June 17, 2012

You are our SUPER HERO!

I went with a Super Hero theme for Father's Day this year. Mr. R. saves the day multiple times a week with lightening fast diaper changes, late night trips to the store for formula or milk, or even just remembering to pay a bill on time to avoid a late fee. He is our Superman, Batman, and The Flash all rolled into one. 
 Even Super heroes get hungry so Pip and I decided he needed some super hero fuel. I purchased a 6 pack of orange soda, earlier in the week and a few of Mr. R.'s favorite snack foods. We drank the soda and I washed out the bottles and dried them using  hair dryer. The tutorial I followed said to dry them outside for two days, but I was in a rush a the hair dryer worked perfectly. 
I used these pdf printables for the bottle labels and bottle cap covers. I secured them to the bottles with mod podge. 
I filled the bottles with Mr. R.'s favorites. 
  • Pretzel m&ms
  • Peanut butter m&ms
  • Swedish fish and jellybeans
  • Honey roasted peanuts
  • Gummi bears
I thought the bottles needed a bit more dressing up so I added some super hero capes. What can I say we are comic book nerds.
On the back of each cape I added a message about how Mr. R. is our own personal super hero.

We surprised Mr. R. with his gift, chocolate doughnuts, and coffee this morning. 
Happy Father's Day Mr. R! We love you!
My grandfather is also a super hero to us!.
We put together a batch of his favorite trail mix for him and jazzed it up with his own personal Superhero logo. 
Super P is for Pals!

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