Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Chalkboard Wall

I finally convinced Mr. R. that a chalkboard wall was NEEDED in our house. I begged, pleaded, and it turns out all I had to do was agree to paint over it if we didn't use it or didn't like at after a few months. 
  I painted the wall before Pip's birthday and went to town drawing a few of our favorite places in London. It served as a great backdrop for her party and Mr. R. and I enjoyed teaching her about each landmark and reminiscing about our 2010 trip to London.
The day of her baptism I washed the wall, with dish soap and water, and Nicole and I drew the flowers and "Be filled with Joy" quote. The inspiration for this artwork comes from Katie Daisy, her etsy shop The Wheatfield is full of gorgeous prints. 
Last week the wall was changed in honor of my Grandfather's birthday.
And today Piper and I decided an Ode to Summer was necessary. 
I think the chalkboard wall is here to stay!

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  1. Scrolling through all your posts from the last week and just have to say that I love, love, love your artistic ability and creativity (and that goes for ALL of your posts. *a little jealous, I am* I am so impressed with your ability.