Saturday, June 9, 2012

Friday Night, Date Night

Miss Pip has decided to sleep in this morning and I am actually getting to drink my coffee alone without little hands trying to grab the handle or rip off the lid and scald me. 
Last night we headed to the beach to watch the sunset. It was a cloudy windy day, not great for tanning, but awesome for a two mile beach walk. We walked for over an hour stopping to collect shells, pet dogs, and chat with fellow beach lovers. Pip hung out in her stroller for the 1st half and then demanded out on the way back. She waved at the sea gulls, surfers, and power walkers. As you know, Pip loves the water and trip to the beach is not complete until she gets to splash. The water was COLD last night and she didn't care at all! She crawled into the waves and proceeded to jump, hop, and splash. Her new thing is the scream as the wave comes in and crawl back into the wave right before it gets pulled out to sea. She provides excellent entertainment to fellow beach goers!
I also promised Mr. R. sushi for our date night so we stopped at Publix for two chef's specials. Tuna maki and nigiri for him and a spicy shrimp roll for me. 
Can I just say that I love when date night only costs us $16.99! Beach walk = free! And grocery store sushi is way less expensive then restaurant sushi. The salt air knocked Pip out and she was in bed by 7:30 and we spent the rest of our evening watching arrested development, sharing sushi rolls, and sipping on sangria.

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  1. Your little baby is so adorable!! She has an awesome name.