Monday, June 25, 2012

The Weekend Lens

 Friday night was date night. I had an I Spy/Detective theme going on. I made a secret decoder and wrote three clues for Mr. R. to decipher.
The first clue led him to his bookshelf where an I spy book (borrow it from the library) was waiting for us. Mr. R. is the I spy king!
 He beat me by 5 points!
Clue #2 led him to our TV console. Hidden amongst our DVDs was a Redbox rental. Going along with our spy theme I rented This Means War.
  It is a cute date night movie, action for him and romance for me. This date cost me $1.06 for the rental. It was an awesome and inexpensive date night!
Saturday we invited a few friends over. I have been pinning recipes like crazy to pinterest and a night with friends is a perfect excuse to make a mess in the kitchen and make my friends guinea pigs.
I made 7 layer taco dip (a new spin on my usual recipe), spicy spinach and bacon dip, and samoa cookie dough dip. We were able to actually talk about non work things, discuss summer plans, and watch our KIDS play together. I never thought this day would come! Our little group had three babies running around on Saturday night :)

 Sunday we celebrated six years of marriage. SIX YEARS!
Miss Rita offered us a night out next weekend so we plans to hit the town and celebrate then. We had a lazy Sunday at home complete with brunch after church and a long afternoon nap. 

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