Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Go Fight Win!

High school is this weird time in your life when everything is awful and wonderful at the same time. There were times in high school when I was on top of the world and then their were other times where I literally wanted to crawl into a hole and die. 12 years out the awkward memories from high school have faded and I can look back on my four years fondly and laugh. 
 Tonight Mr. R. and I went back to high school.
With the help of The Dating Divas, we found out we are smarter than most 12th graders. 95%!
That's honor roll material baby!
Then we moved on to yearbook photos.
I printed out yearbook pictures from 1950 - 1990 using yearbook yourself. I had Mr. R. matchup our pictures and then give each couple superlatives. 
We decided 1980's Mr. R. is now a CEO of a major corporation and that 1950's me has the BEST glasses ever!
I found yearbook survey questions and we spent dinner going back and forth answering questions. We only answered 1/4 of the questions tonight and I am totally bookmarking this site for future date nights. 
We ended our night with a Redbox rental.


  1. I am loving reading about all your date ideas! I was just telling a friend about them and how creative and fun they all seem. I need to come up with a fun one to have a date night with Jeff this week! :)

  2. Thanks Caroline, We have been having lots of fun with date this summer. I am going to have to keep this going throughout the school year. I have been using pinerest to get most of my ideas. Are you on pinterest? So addicting!