Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June Dates

School is OUT! And from now on you will find me soaking up summer sunshine with my girl.
Mr. R. always complains that he doesn't get a summer. I am pretty sure that June, July, and August are also on his desk calendar, but I know what he means. Being a teacher, I have 10 weeks of summer vacation, unpaid of course, but still vacation. Mr. R. works incredibly hard 48 weeks out of the year with no guaranteed summer break. So as a nice surprise, I am giving him 67 days of summer. I have a little date night surprise planned for everyday of my summer break.

Here's what I have up my sleeve for this week!
 Thursday, June 7th: After work drinks
Friday, June 8th Sushi beach picnic
Saturday, June 9: Leave the work clothes at home and join Pip and me for coffee, the bread lady, and some sunshine
 Sunday, June 10: A lazy Sunday afternoon with coffee, croissants, and the Sunday paper of course!

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