Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blogging & Running

I am finding that blogging is very similar to running or exercise. When I am in my groove I make time daily to upload pictures, blog, and run. I feel great and accomplished after I have finished my routine. And yet I so easily fall out of my groove due to a new schedule, a fussy toddler, a sickness... and it is so hard to get back into a routine.

The month of January I completed a 30 day running challenge and each day in January I dutifully jumped on the treadmill, laced up my running shoes, and ran at least one mile. After my run I would cook dinner, we would have family time with Pip, and I would blog before bed. It was a perfect easy to follow schedule and yet when February graced us with her presence I stopped. Running became less of a desire, blogging fell behind, and let's face it, dinner is not my favorite part of the day. Where is that chef that will cook and clean for free?

Now that March is on the horizon I am trying to force myself back into a better schedule complete with daily exercise and more regular blogging. I am already three days into my March/birthday challenge and I have my photos organized in hopes that blog posts will be a bit easier and faster to roll out.

So in short I guess this is my apology/explanation why you have heard so little from Casa Republican in February 2013. Perhaps March will be a little kinder to us all.

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