Wednesday, February 27, 2013

31 workouts for my 31st

On March 19th I turn 31. I am honestly utterly stunned that I am all of sudden IN MY 30s! When did this happen? I recently read an article that said the best gift we can give ourselves is exercise and less stress. Because of the world we live we are constantly ON, we are connected to each other through technology leading to constant communication and little chance to think and reflect. The article said that exercise allows us to practice concentrating on the task at hand letting our brain actually rest and refocus. Meaning exercise actually calms our bodies while making them healthier and stronger. 

For my 31st birthday I am giving myself 31 workouts. I decided that the workouts must last at least 45 minutes and include strength training and cardio. They can be done in the house with the help of workout videos, I can run outside, I can do them solo or in a group. I have decided that while I am working out my phone is off and Mr. R. is in charge of wrangling Pip. 

Tonight I finished workout #3 of 31, a 4 mile cardio walk with walking guru Leslie Sansone.
Workout #2: Tae-bo Fat burning cardio
Workout #1: Tae-bo Tae-bo Dedication DVD 

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