Thursday, February 28, 2013

A "Pin-cess" Castle

Miss Pip fell in love with Princesses this fall and this Christmas Mr. R. and I decided a Princess castle should become part of our household. We cashed in a few gift cards for the little people Disney princess castle and hid it away in the pantry. 

Miss Pip was so overwhelmed with love and loot this Christmas that we decided to save her Castle for a fun Valentine's Day surprise. Thursday afternoon she woke up from her nap to see Cinderella's castle on our coffee table. 
Upon first sight, she ran right to the castle yelling "pin-cess! pin-cess!". She loves to knock on and then open the doors. She loves the elevator and how she can make the princesses dance on the outdoor patio.
And if we are being honest, I love it to! I love that she babbles dialogue to me as we play. I love that she kisses her princesses good night when she puts them in the bed. I love that I am seeing her blossom before my eyes. 

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