Sunday, February 3, 2013

February 2013 Goals:

January Revisted:

My Goals:

  • Cut out coffee creamer. It's incredibly delicious but also full of empty calories. 
  • Complete the mile a day challenge. The goal is run daily, the run needs to be at least a mile.
  • Turn off the computer at 9:00 PM
The Result:
  • I gave into coffee creamer. I lasted two weeks without it and then I gave in. A friend at work heard about my slip-up and she suggested I switch to almond milk and splenda in my coffee. 
  • The mile a day challenge is finished! I think I want a medal or parade in my honor. Just kidding! 
  • I did turn off the computer every night at 9PM and it has been wonderful! I am sleeping better and I finished my first novel since Pip was born!
February Goals:
  • Run three days a week
  • Start some sort of weight lifting program
  • Read two books
  • No clothes, shoe, or accessories shopping

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