Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Baby Talk Wednesday #4

Dear Baby,

We hit 20 weeks this week. You have officially been inside of me for 5 months and you are half way to make your big debut in May. I can't believe that on the 29th, one week from today, we will know if you are a boy or a girl. That is if you choose to cooperate this time. Your dad and I joke all the time that you are just as stubborn as your Mom and the pups. You will soon learn that your fur siblings Simon & Sophie don't always like to follow the rules either.

I have been working on your nursery some (we moved all the boxes out this weekend and took measurements) and I think we have your name nailed down. Your Dad really wants you to have a strong cool name and your Mom, well I am just concerned about you being cute and making sure you won't have a nickname that people will use to tease you. Your mom teaches middle school and has learned that a good name is very important to surviving grades 6-8 unscathed.

I am feeling you move a bit more this week especially at night. I think this means you are going to be a party animal. Maybe you will become a bit more mellow after birth. I am praying that you will sleep through the night. Your mommy really likes sleep, a good 8 hours to be exact.

Today was the first day that a stranger recognized your Mom as pregnant. I guess you are deciding to make your presence known. Maybe this is the same reason your Mama's jeans are starting to get tight even after massive stretching and running 3 days a week. Let's just cross our fingers that you will give me a cute basketball baby bump. Your mom would still like to be attractive while housing you.

Your dad heard your heart beat on Friday and he keeps checking daily in hopes to hear you moving around. We wonder if you are still flipping and turning or if you have settled into a comfy spot.

It hasn't been the easiest 5 months with you little one, but we are stoked you have made it this far.

Love, Your Mama


  1. aww!! Super cute and I am super excited =) Still working on that list for you, haha!! Gavin has been a handful the last few weeks!!

  2. Happy Half-Way Mark!

    Has teaching ruined some names for you? I have a friend who taught 3rd grade and when she was pregnant, she could not bear to name her child any name that reminded her of a troublesome student.

    If your baby gives you 8 hours of sleep at night, consider yourself the luckiest woman EVER! :)

  3. Good idea with the name. Unfortunately there's not much you can do about "fartin martin". I still get that from time to time. Don't let Jeff con you into thinking you're stubborn. I remember when all he ate was PB&J sandwiches.

  4. Yes, teaching has eliminated the names Austin, Carter, Mia, and Olivia.