Saturday, December 25, 2010

Date of the Month Club (Year 2)

Mr. R. and I had a blast on our monthly dates last year. It was the Christmas present that kept on giving. Each month we would look forward to a surprise night out that was almost preplanned. No more "what are we going to do tonight?" questions.

This year I tried to add dates that we hadn't done before and include a few of Mr. R's favorite things. Also, I wanted to squeeze in a few mini vacations before Baby Repub makes his/her appearance.

So without further waiting and stalling.
Mr. R's most amazing present!
Date of the Month Club 2011!


  1. What a clever idea. I'm sure you and Mr. R will have fun doing each and every one of those things. I love that it gives you something to look forward to each month.

  2. What a bunch of fun dates to look forward to! You are so creative :)