Monday, December 27, 2010

5 months, 5 miles

I love the week in between Christmas and New Years. The holiday rush is over, but I am still off, my mom is still here, and the holiday decorations and merry feeling are still very much present. I didn't have much of an agenda for today other than to go to the gym and use a few gift cards.

I went to the gym by myself this morning to run a quick three miles and do some leg work. After, I picked up my mom to run errands (Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, & Pier 1). We also ended up making a stop at the outlets for after Christmas sales.
J. Crew had fantastic sales the Jackie cardigans were on sale for $20 and all the jewelry is 50% off. We left Crew and headed to Gap where my mom scored sweaters for $10! Our last stop was Banana Republic. Banana is really Mr. R's store, but I found some great deals today. A dress for $16 and cute tees for 50% off.
I am looking forward to some warmer weather where I can show off more of my outfit than just my coat :)

After a short nap Mr. R wanted to hit the gym so I went back and ran another 2 miles. My grand total for the day is 5 miles! I know it wasn't consecutive, but it feels pretty awesome to be 5 months pregnant and knock out 5 miles.

Also have you seen these adorable mugs from Pier 1. I love that they are multicolored and stackable!


  1. 5 miles is awesome! Plus, you did all that running around shopping. You'll sleep well tonight, for sure.
    Congrats on all your shopping deals. I love those Jackie cardigans.

  2. 5 miles is awesome, and it doesn't matter that it wasn't consecutive.

    I hear you about ready for some warmer weather. I just want to wear elastic waist pants and drink high-calorie hot beverages.

    Mugs are totally cute, but I fear the bottom mugs would never get used. I went to a friend of a friend's for Thanksgiving many years ago and they had all multicolored dishes, but in a set. We chose our dinner seating based off what color we wanted to eat off of. I absolutely loved it; I don't think Matt would ever go for it...??

  3. I saw those mugs at World Market for $10 and wanted to put different mustaches on them...

  4. Love all the deals you found...I am such a bargain shopper! 5 miles is so great! I am trying to get back on track myself...hopefully I will get 5 in this weekend!