Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Morning Photos

I love the pictures people take on Christmas morning.
The sheer joy on make-up less faces and tired eyes that show curiosity and excitement.
I love that we still wear pjs in our house when presents are opened.
I love that this is the one time per year that I wear my glasses and take pictures with pride.
Mr. R and I opened presents from his family this Christmas morning and we loved everything!
Thank you so much Mom and Pop Republican!

By the way, Simon has not stopped begging for snausages.
He is snubbing all other treats in hopes another one will come his way.


  1. Thanks for sharing all of your pictures. I'm so lame, I didn't take a single picture on Christmas morning. So much for capturing memories for posterity.
    It looks like you all had a great Christmas; even the doggies!

  2. We were up at 6am to open presents on Christmas morning! Talk about some tired faces :)

    P.S. My father-in-law got the same book on President Bush :)