Monday, January 31, 2011

Tsunamis, Three miles, and dinner from Philly

Mondays are getting really good around here. Usually I run around like a maniac on Mondays. I wake up late, run around trying to find clothes, and end up frazzled and late to work. Oh and most Mondays I end up forgetting something vital i.e. my computer, my lesson plans, or my lunch.

But since Christmas break my Mondays have been awesome. I am up on time, my outfit easily comes together, and my lesson plans are done and ready to go. It's a great feeling.
Today my classes started our unit on tsunamis. A quick intro via the BBC World's Best Nature's Fury, notes on tsunami causes, and key points for homework. In two days they will start a research project and wanted poster. I am really excited about this project and I hope to share more details if it is a success.

I left school on time and made it to the gym for a quick 2.8 miles (I rounded for the title and picture taking ease) and some arm work. I hadn't done any arm weights in two weeks and I know I will be SORE tomorrow.
I stopped by my grandparents on the way home from the gym and my grandmother looks great! She says she is still tired, but her color and spirits are good. Keep those prayers coming please! God is working some serious miracles/healing in her.
And lastly, dinner tonight was so good. I watched Rachael Ray's week in a day last night and decided to try her recipe for homemade steak sauce sandwiches. I had some quick steak int he freezer, a red onion, and a red pepper ready to go. The steak sauce is seriously good. And dinner came together rather quickly. Plus, Mr. R. can have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Win-Win.

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