Friday, January 28, 2011

Can your house survive an earthquake?

Today my students participated in what they call "the best lab ALL year!".
The final lab of our Earthquake unit requires my classes to build homes that will withstand the three types of earthquake waves, totaling a 6.0 magnitude Earthquake.

They must design a blue print, "purchase" supplies using a set budget, and build a four walled house (complete with a roof and a door).
The creativity and high order thinking that my students do is amazing. The houses are always unique and the designs really reflect their personalities. I actually wish I could bottle some of their creativity for myself.
Out of the 16 houses built today, 10 survived the 6.0 earthquake!
Perhaps I encouraged some future architects and civil engineers today.
And if not, this was a fantastic way to start my weekend.
Happy Friday!

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  1. Hi Hilary! I didn't know you went into teaching! High school? Looks like a great project!~ Katie