Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pretty Please?

I think this pregnancy has made me indecisive. Normally, I know exactly what I want and I can picture how things will look in my head. And I almost always go with my gut.

Now my gut contains a baby girl and most days my brain feels very crowded and mushy.

So dear readers, I am asking for your opinions on nursery bedding and accents dear readers. Be honest and pick your favorite. Also, better ideas are always welcome.

I have two dueling nursery ideas going.

Nursery #1
The first is a modern nursery with a leaf print stencil (for the accent wall) and dotted bedding in pink and brown. The crib and changing table will still be white.

Accent Wall Stencil: stencil will be white on the seafoam/teal walls
Gulliver changing table (same design as the crib we will use).
The second nursery is very girlie. Damask pink and green bedding with a damask wall stencil. The crib and changing table will also be white.
Wall stencil: this is the stencil I actually used in our bedroom, but I think it could work in Pip's nursery as well.


  1. I like the girlie and I think it's much more "you!" Just my opinion though, they will both be precious!! ~Kristin

  2. I like both, but my opinion is Nursery #1, I like the stencil a lot.

  3. They are both beautiful! :-) I can see why you are having a hard time deciding! I still think maybe a combo of your fave features from each! :-) ~~Brook

  4. They are both so can't go wrong either way! I am partial to all things extra girly so #2 if I had to pick. Glad you are feeling better!!!

  5. Two thoughts...
    #1) You should have read the warning label we all come with. Right under "Hand wash with warm soapy water" it says "Caution! Martin blood may be detrimental to decision making abilities. Handle with extreme care."
    #2) I like your first choice its simple and beautiful. Times like these just remember K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Sister-in-law)

  6. As much as I love pink and brown, I think I'm leaning towards option #2.
    Either will look great.