Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Here Comes the Sun!

Finally after two days of rain we have the sun! Just in the the knick of time too. I was beginning to question if Florida could remain the being the sunshine state with our recent weather resembling Seattle that of Seattle, WA.

Today was a teacher planning day for me, which means no kids and a guaranteed quiet classroom. I was able to catch up on grading, post grades for report cards going home on Friday, and make lesson plans up to Valentine's day.

Tonight I have plans for an awesome girls night with teacher friends and tacos. It's a great distraction from missing Mr. R and doing laundry and cleaning the bathrooms.

Why don't bathrooms just clean themselves?


  1. Ah, I was wondering how you were able to comment on my blog in the middle of the day. I'm impressed that you stay so social during the week too.

  2. Tacos > cleaning the bathroom.

    I'm glad you had a nice quiet planning day. Parents hate those days, but I know the teachers really need them.

    We had an 'ice' day yesterday, but school is back today and it's starting on time. Caroline is majorly bummed; she expected a 2 hour delay.

  3. I heard about the ice, Jeff said the roads were clear, but the parking lot was gross. He is majorly missing Florida. I also may be mentioning that we are in the 70s for most of the week. :)