Monday, January 17, 2011

Rainy day progress!

It's pouring in my neck of the woods and I have an empty schedule! Glorious! I am however making serious progress in our media room.

Last time we talked (or should I say I wrote and you read), we discussed my stenciling the walls. The walls are almost complete (pictures to come promise!).

I have moved onto the windows which are currently covered in mini blinds and vertical blinds.

The plan is to switch out the mini blinds for wicker shades (thank you Home Depot).

Flank the shade in batik curtains from World Market.
They are currently on there way to Casa Republican.

And to hang our vintage art prints.
Mr. R and I have been collecting vintage prints during our travels and we have a mini collection going now. I am excited to display a few more from London, Paris, Italy, Turkey, and of course Florida.

Now we just need a few IKEA frames and time to sand and paint our end tables.

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