Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Morning Rush: (but not this week!)

This morning I woke up my normal time, but with lunch already packed, breakfast in a bowl (thank you Lord for oatmeal), and clothes already clean and ironed. There was no need to rush. In fact this blog post in being written while I lazily enjoy my coffee and random DVRed TV.

I am thinking that Monday Morning might just be the best part of my day.

Today I have quiz planned, more earthquake notes, a project to collect (and grade), and homework to assign.

Post work I am back to the gym with Mr. R for treadmill runs and arm work.

Dinner tonight is TBD, but maybe I will get inspiration from a trip to the grocery store. If not I hear oatmeal is a great dinner food as well :)

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  1. I am so jealous. I was the opposite this morning, with nothing prepared. It took me 10 minutes to roll out of bed because I couldn't decide what to wear, and then I finally made myself get up and decide once I was in the closet. I don't think my outfit really went together all that great (should have worn different style pants with the shirt). Then I had to rush through the kitchen and out the door. Yuck.