Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby Talk: Week 24

Dear Baby,

I have been wondering what you are up to lately. I feel you move so much. You seem to kick all over my belly and move from side to side. I am wishing we had a sonogram machine at home just so I could watch all your movements. I think you are a want to be gymnast or acrobat.

You have been through quite a lot these past two weeks.
  • You shared your first flu virus with me last week. I hate to say this but I much prefer morning sickness to the flu. At least with morning sickness I could breathe out of my nose.
  • This weekend you were along for the ride as I tried prenatal yoga for the first time. It was so relaxing and I realized that I do not stretch nearly enough. I wonder if you were as mellow as I was by the end?
  • You also came with me as I shopped for maternity clothes. I am hoping those stretchy waistbands will give you more room to grow.
  • You continue to grow and I am starting to see less of my feet and more of my belly. It was so odd to look down and see baby. I am afraid that one of these mornings I am going to wake up and be all Piper from my neck down.
I am slowly making progress on your nursery and I love that I am going to get to be as pink and girlie as my heart desires. I am not sure if you will be a girlie glam girl or a tom boy but for the first few years I will be dressing you so we are going glam and pink for the time being.

Your Grandpa met your dad for dinner last night and gave him your highchair. It was made by your great-grandpa and I hear it's beautiful. You will be eating in style my girl.

Just 16 more weeks and you will be here! I know we aren't ready yet, but it's exciting to think about. We keep telling your fur siblings about you. I know they can hear your heart beat. Can you hear them? If so, I apologize for all of that barking. They sure are loud! Can't wait to meet your Miss Pip!

Your Mama

***FYI: A weekly picture will come a bit later. Mr. R is out of town and I am not so great at self-portraits.


  1. 24 weeks already? It goes so fast. I loved watching my belly and seeing Caroline move. It was like watching an alien gymnast.
    I'm glad you're feeling better!

  2. Wow! Just 16 more weeks to exciting! It goes by so fast!

  3. Sounds like changes are really starting to happen! :)