Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mr. R is home today!

I cannot tell you how exciting this is for me. Of course I am ecstatic to see my husband again. (I seriously missed our morning talks, bedtime cuddles, and crazy dinner time political scuffles.) But more than anything I am ready for a return to normalcy.

My schedule has been totally thrown for a loop with him being gone. I haven't made it to the gym. And my life has been ruled by these two pups. Morning walk, afternoon walk, dinner, night walk, bed. Oh, and this baby in my belly loves to do gymnastics at night.... Not so conducive for sleeping. Mr. R being home won't really change much when it comes to our commitments and demanding pups. But an extra pair of hands does make life so much easier. Plus he is really good at polishing off leftovers, paying bills, and folding clothes. (I hate doing all of those things.)

In other news... I started a Bunco group! Random I know. But a conversation at school resulted in the realization that more girls nights were needed. Girls night usually = game night. And I remembered the few times I was invited to play Bunco back in DC. It was really fun, and loud, and an excuse to drink wine and make new friends. (This is always a win-win to me). So the YAYA Bunco club of the Bay has been created and will have its first gathering/game night on 2/11. And in even better news one of the lovely ladies already stepped up to host!

I have a shopping trip planned this morning with two of my favorite ladies. And when I return I should be in the company of my main man. Thank goodness for Saturday!

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