Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bo-Go Deals and our weekly menu.

Publix supermarket had amazing deals this week on some of the staples we keep in our house. (veggie burgers, salad, frozen veggies, boathouse farm juice, cracker barrel cheese, and couscous) I am not one to pass up a deal and Mr. R and I made two trips to stock our fridge, freezer, and pantry. The cashiers think we are crazy with the amount of Morning Star Farm boxes we bought, but we saved $45 dollars with our coupons. And this weeks menu has been incredibly easy to plan.
Sunday: Honey nut and banana waffles with bacon
I make the pancake batter and add 1 mashed over ripe banana. Then I pour it into our well loved and VERY OLD waffle maker.

Instead of sliders I make one hamburger for each of us. And sub in a black bean veggie burger for the ground beef. We have a few jalepeno poppers leftover from Friday's dinner so they will make an apperance too.

Tuesday: Ham & Swiss calzone with broccoli and sweet potato fries
I use this recipe as a guide and place the filling inside a pie crust. I bake it for 12 minutes at 400 degrees and it tastes like an empanada.

Wednesday: Morning Star Farm corn-dog with baked beans and potato salad
Easiest dinner ever!

Thursday: Buffalo chicken meatballs with carrots & blue cheese
If these turn out they will be making a second appearance at the Superbowl Party this weekend.

Friday: Loaded Potato Soup with homemade Bacon Turkey Bravo sandwich
I have made the soup before and it is amazing. The sandwich is a Panera favorite ordered by Mr. R.


  1. I love BOGO. Publix has the best deals; I wish we had one near us.

    FYI: I'm coming for dinner on Friday. I love potato soup!

  2. And i wish we had a Safeway. I miss there butternut squash soup and gingerbread yogurt. And you are always welcome at Casa Republican :)