Monday, December 31, 2012

10 years together!

On December 21st Mr. R. and I celebrated TEN years together. That's right folks, we have been dating for TEN years! I can barely believe it myself. We decided to have a special date to commemorate our little milestone. We went ice skating, then out for fancy drinks, and we ended the night with a sinful dessert. And I didn't even think twice about the calories.
Our date was fantastic, but the best part was coming home to our house, kissing our daughter goodnight, and relishing in all the date nights that got us to this moment.
Our 1st date: Mr. R. and I went to a local air show in my hometown and out for Icees.

Our pre-wedding date: Pizza Paradiso in Georgetown. We enjoyed aracini and the best pizza of our lives after we booked our honeymoon!

Date with the best view: sunset dinner of souvalki overlooking the Acropolis

Date when we held hands for the first time: Sea Isle City boardwalk right before I left to go backpacking in Montana

Date with the weirdest people: late night showing of Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

Best Stayhome/Homemade date: Our faux Caribbean cruise vacation. We spent an entire weekend going back and forth to the pool and the beach soaking up the sun, reading magazines, not answering our phones, and eating as much fresh fruit as possible.

Best family date: Our first dinner with Pip to Harry's. She was 4 weeks old and slept the whole time.

The date we seem to do over and over again: sushi and Barnes and Noble browsing

Date where we let go and tried new things: Dinner and drinks at the Miter in London. Mr. R. had pigbelly and I had chips (fries) with mayonnaise (the British condiment of choice).

Worst Date: Mr. R. invited me to be his date to his brother's wedding and then got the FLU at the wedding.

Best Valentine's Date: a trip to visit Mr. R. on his undergrad campus. We walked everywhere enjoying the monuments, the Smithsonian mall, and watched the sunset from Robert E. Lee's porch.

Date with the most foreigners: We attended open house Saturday for the European Union Embassies. So much culture in one afternoon.

Date with the best coffee: Cafe DuMonde in New Orleans, LA. We listened jazz music while sipping cafe au laits and eating beignets.

Mr. R., here's to ten amazing years of falling in love with you all over again.

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