Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

She found a corded telephone in our hotel room last month. It was her first time seeing an actual telephone that was attached to a wall. She was mesmerized. The size, the cord, the ability to push buttons, she actually was able to call and get a hold of the front desk while Mr. R. and I were busily unpacking suitcases.
It makes me laugh because the corded phone was all we had until I turned 13. The cord was extra long and it could stretch down our basement stairs. I remember calling my first boyfriend and running down the stairs stretching the cord as far as it could go so I could have privacy. What in the world was I saying that I needed privacy?
Piper is growing up in a world where corded phones only exist in hotels and house phones are almost obsolete. She can easily operate my iphone and thinks nothing of opening apps and taking pictures digitally. She talks to my Mom through facetime regularly, she has no idea my mom actually lives 700 miles away. Seeing my mom while talking to her is not a luxury to Piper it's reality. 
Can you even imagine what phones will be like when Pip has kids? 

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