Thursday, December 6, 2012

Three Things of Thursday

 1. We took Pip to Barnes tonight to play with the trains, read the Olivia books, and socialize. Pip played with the trains and then walked around the entire store 20 times. She also greeted all the employees and customers. We ended up coming home with two new books. Holidays on Ice for me and Rudolph for Pip. 
2. Mr. R. and I had a date night after Pip went to bed. I made hot buttered rum in the crock-pot and we read two of the satirical essays aloud. We laughed so loud. 
3. Turns out hot buttered rum is disgusting. It really is rum and hot butter. It even feels a bit smiley in your mouth. Mr. R. poured our mugs and I tried to pretend I liked it, and then  after a few minutes we both laughed at how we were trying to feign sophistication when all we really wanted to do was spit it out and reach for a large glass of water.

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