Monday, December 10, 2012

The Weekend Lens

 1. Our Christmas cards arrived
2. And I finished our Christmas letter, check your mailboxes friends, it's a good one this year!
3. Pip and Daddy reading Belle's big move, the story book is connected to Belle the dog and when you say certain words the dog barks. Pip is surprised every time.
4. Our little couch potato.
5. Mr. R. made dinner Friday night, pan pizza was enjoyed by all.
6. We have been opening one book a night as part of our advent count down.
7 and 8. Friday night Mimi read to Piper via Record a Story. She loved hearing Mimi's voice.
9. I ran a 5K Saturday morning and I ran fast (for me). 12 min miles!
10. Post run spoils from Panera. Don't worry I shared with Mr. R. and Pip.
11. We made our monthly Costco run and we had more than our trunk could hold. Luckily, Pip didn't mind sharing her seat with the soup, bread, salad, and peppermint bark.
12. Lunch date with my hubs today. Smoked salmon bagel for me and corned beef hash for him. 

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