Monday, December 3, 2012

Saturday Night, Date Night

Saturday Night we planned to stay in and put up the Christmas tree, but there were errands to run, a weekly menu to write, an advent calendar to wrap (details coming later this week), and Mr. R. had accounting homework. 
All of a sudden it was 7:00 PM and we were starving and tired.
Enter easy appetizer date night, a bottle of moscato, and DVRed Modern Family episodes to catch up on. Add in some couch snuggling and you have my version of an ideal cheap and easy date.
 On the menu: 
1. Goat cheese stuffed dates wrapped in prosciutto. These are Mr. R.'s most favorite appetizer and he's lucky that we had all the ingredients on hand. They are super easy to make, slice date in half, remove the pit and stuff with goat cheese, wrap with half a strip of prosciutto. Broil for 7-10 mins.
2. Ham and Pineapple Dip with pretzels. 1/4 pound of deli ham sliced thin and chopped in your food processor. Add one small can of drained crushed pineapple. Add one block of softened fat free cream cheese. Add one to two tbs. of powdered sugar. Chop 4 green onions and stir in.
3. Crockpot brie and cranberry dip. It's Stephanie's recipe, and she is a genius. I serve ours with sliced honeycrisp apples.

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