Friday, December 21, 2012

All is CALM...

Wow, this week was intense.

It started with Simon's limp, which turned into intense whining, and then ended with a vet appointment. It turns out the limp is not because of his paw, it's actually attributed to a neck injury. The vet is thinking he wrenched his neck and that muscle relaxers, asprin, and rest will cure it.

Now to Pip, Wednesday we discovered she had a bump on her bottom. By Thursday the bump had grown in size and required a trip to the doctor. I got coverage for my classes drove faster than I should have to get to the doctor on time. The doctor thinks her bump is attributed to a bacterial and we cam home with antibiotics.

About school. This week was midterms. In between teaching, testing, and planning I spent my afternoon closing out my gradebook and planning for next semester. How is the year half over? This week has been crazy with the buildup to Christmas. My students are running on sugar, adrenaline and the promise of presents. And me, well I am running on coffee, luna bars, and the hope that I will feel recharged after a few days at home with my family. Luckily, My students did very well on their exams and I walked out of the building today with just my purse. I am officially planned out for the first two weeks of the second semester.

Mr. R.'s turn. The government fiscal year closed in September and his clients are updating account plans so they can pursue new business after the holiday. This had led to intense spreadsheets, longer hours, and more meetings for him. He handles the pressure in stride, but work has been creeping into our family time and I am grateful that he is taking a few vacation days during my Christmas break. He finished his accounting class this week. Hooray!

So as I sit here on Friday night at 5:00PM all is calm.
And we are relishing in it.

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