Friday, December 7, 2012

Advent-ures #3: Christmas Coloring

 On Saturday I made a trip to the dollar store in search of garland and a Santa hat. I came home with three bags worth of stuff. How does that happen? Sometimes I think I am like a goldfish in stores like the Dollar Store, Michaels, and Target. I see pretty shiny things and I just put them in my cart. And then all of a sudden I am at the checkout wondering where all this stuff came from.

 In my dollar store hull I picked up two Christmas board books for Pip and a coloring book. She has taken an interest in crayons and paper recently I figured a Christmas coloring book would be right up her alley. 
 We spent Monday evening coloring after dinner. She scribbled and babbled. I opened marker caps, chased down rolling markers, and colored right along with her. She giggled at my version of coloring as she rapid fire scribbled across the pages. This little moment made my Monday. 
 A special thank you to Mr. R. for capturing this moment for me. 

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