Tuesday, December 4, 2012


 This year I decided to bring back Advent Activities. I love the excitement and build up to Christmas and I like that I can add to Pip's excitement and create a few family memories with special activities built into our Advent Calendar. On Saturday our activity was a trip downtown to see the Christmas parade and on Sunday I wanted to keep it more low-key, but will fun. I planned brunch and a movie date with Buddy the Elf. 
Cinnamon rolls are dangerous in this house so I do not make them very often. As a surprise I baked  them for brunch, turned on the Christmas classic Elf, and Mr. R. and I enjoyed Target's new Christmas blend coffee. 
Pip actually watched Elf for about 20 minutes. (Translation: I was able to drink my coffee while it was still hot!) Her favorite part was dancing to the song Pennies from Heaven. I guess I need to pull out my Elf Soundtrack Christmas CD!

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