Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Weekend Lens

This weekend we laid low. We took time to recharge our batteries. Mr. R. and I  had a date night Friday night. We eagerly anticipated my Mom's arrival. I deep cleaned the house and Mr. R. raked our lawn. We spent several hours putting together Pip's Christmas present. I made pasta fagioli on a cold winter's night. We indulged in fantastic desserts. We laughed really hard. We wrapped presents for each other refusing to give hints about the contents inside. We ordered Chinese food. We watched our favorite Christmas movies, laughing and repeating the lines we look forward to hearing every year. I squeezed in a quick two mile run. Mr. R. cheered on the cowboys. We had a few of our favorite people over for dinner. 
We are slowing down. We are enjoying the moments. And I hope you are too.

Naughty List? Not me! 
Caught in the act! Don't worry Grandmom Republican we grabbed the gift before she opened it.
We somehow deciphered the pictorial directions and Pip's gift from us is waiting for her in the garage!
I think I am more excited for her to see it than anything.

Aunt Cole sent Miss Pip Olivia the Pig!
We allowed her to open Aunt Cole's box early and to say she was excited is an UNDERSTATEMENT.

I made another dress sock and gift card bouquet. 
Playing Princess and the pea in Simon and Sophie's new dog bed. 

My Mom sent down copies of our old Christmas cards. My dad designed and drew each one. I love having them on our wall this year. 

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