Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tape, scissors, paper, bows

 There is nothing like wrapping presents to get me in the Christmas spirit. I save my wrapping for the last few days before Christmas. By this time my shopping is usually finished, the tree is up, Christmas music has taken over my ipod, and we are hunkered down at home enjoying a calm retreat from the chaos outside. Last night the rain pounded down on our little house as Pip pulled out wrapping paper and I wrangled ribbon and tape. Pip decorated envelopes with her new markers and Mr. R. filled out shipping labels and looked up zipcodes. It was true family affair. 
We added personal notes to our gifts this year, explaining why we bought what we did or why this specific item made us think of the person it is intended for. As silly as it sounds, writing the notes was my favorite part. It made me reflect on the person we bought for and why we choose this specific gift. The notes made us slowdown and remember why we did all this shopping in the first place. 
Now before you give me too much credit and think I have my act together, my to-do list is no where near complete! And thanks to one of my crafty pinterest inspired projects, I need to go scrape green paint and glue off my dining room table!
Oh well, tis the season for tape, scissors, bow, hot glue, and finger paint!

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