Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Countdown to NOON Year!

This year we didn't get invited to any New Years Parties and we don't have our amazing babysitter Miss Rita booked. We were about to say let's just not celebrate and stay home in our sweats when pinterest came to the rescue. A group of creative mamas had posted how to have a count down to NOON years eve, that would include and entertain Pip, was inexpensive, full of great activities, and a great way to make family memories.
1. Pip helped me decorate the house for New Years eve. She was a part of filling the flutes with diamonds, stringing the letters on the banner, and placing the party hats in the vase.
2. Coffee and doughnuts. Mr. R. is a big fan of pastries with his coffee. And Pip has become enthralled with anything with sprinkles. We made a trip to Dunkin' doughnuts for munchkins, coffee, and milk.
3. A ride on the carousel. Miss Rita takes Pip to carousel park once a week and we thought we would get in the action today. She LOVES the carousel. Words and photos can not describe the joy the carousel brings her.
4. Who doesn't love the playground? Slides, swings, monkey bars, yes please!
5.  We have all heard of lucky pennies and with a New Year on the horizon what better time to find a fountain and make a few wishes. We counted out 13 lucky pennies for 2013.
6. Mr. R. and I planned for a NOON toast of apple cider with Pip, but she crashed out in the car at 11:40 AM. I guess she takes after us, we rarely make it to midnight anymore either :)
I think this has been my most favorite New Years celebration to date. We spent time as a family. Pip had a blast and I didn't have a hangover the next day. I can see many more NOON Years Eves in our future. 

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