Monday, January 14, 2013

The Weekend Lens

 Hello Friday!
Hello weekend!
Friday: Pip steals my glasses all the time and then calls herself Mama. Melts my heart.  Loving this quote. My car battery died, but it was still under warranty and the auto parts store replaced it for free! 2.0 mile run, the mile a day challenge is going strong!, colored ice cubes make bath time fun!, FYI: cereal is an acceptable Friday night dinner. 
Saturday: Grocery shopping at Publix, menu planning for the week, airport pick-up, Mr. R. is home!, noshing dinner, 2.0 mile run
Sunday: Church, coffee, semi-homemade chocolate croissants, caught her reading, lots of cuddling and kisses (pups included0, catching up on DVRed TV, dress-up, "C is or cookie" is her new favorite song, and the Peek-a-boo Zoo App for the ipad was the best money I spent all week. 

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