Saturday, January 12, 2013

Non-Newtonian Fluids

 Tonight Pip and I conducted our first experiment. We created Oobleck, also known as Goop/Slime, in the bath tub. 
I measured the two cups of cornstarch and one cup of water and she took great pleasure in pouring the ingredients into the plastic tubs and wildly mixing them with the whisk. She is an excellent whisker. 
The scientist in me explained the properties of Non-Newtonian fluids to my 20 month old. Non Newtonian fluids are not quiet a liquid and not quite a solid. Their viscosity is dependent on the speed and pressure that is placed on them. In our case, when you try to grab oobleck it feels solid, almost like a cross between sand and baby powder, but when you actually hold oobleck in your hand it moves, falls, and slides like a liquid. 

Pip seemed to be listening while I talked about the properties of matter, but perhaps she was just mesmerized by the tie-dyed awesomeness created by the addition of food coloring.
She actively played for 25 minutes and then the mess washed right down the drain. 
Engaged kid + minimal clean up = Happy Mama

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