Monday, January 28, 2013

Sunday, Funday

Last week we laid low. Mr. R. was crazy busy with work, Miss Pip was on the verge of having a full blown cold (sneezing, coughing, sniffling), and I was just trying to stay afloat, treading water on the both the home and work fronts. I was so looking forward to Sunday. Sunday I had a date with the best girls in the world to see Mary Poppins. The show was amazing! I am still in awe of the broadway rendition of Step In Time. Bert tap danced upside down on the ceiling of the theater! While I was having girl time Mr. R. watched Pip. During intermission he texted me the picture of Pip, she is wearing her PJ pants as a hat. Mr. R. also arranged Miss Rita to give us a date night Sunday night. After the show I picked up Mr. R. at home and we had dinner downtown. We took a chance on a new place and fell in love with Mojo BBQ. I know I should say that I missed Pip terribly yesterday, but I didn't. I had a blast with my girlfriends, I knew Pip was in great hands, and I came home refreshed and ready to tackle this week. 

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