Friday, January 11, 2013

Joy Filled Fridays: She loved life, and it loved her right back.

A quick recap of a few things that brought a smile to my face this week.
1. The best entertainment, three plastic boxes, rice, dried beans, and macaroni noodles. She loves sorting and moving her mixtures from container to container. 2. Facetime with Mr. R! We miss him! 3&4. My students, back from break and excited to do a lab. We are studying the integumentary and nervous systems this week. 5. On my second week of the mile a day challenge. The goal is to just run or walk one miles or more each day. Today makes day 11! 
6. Cannoli ice cream. So so so good. 
7. Pip working on her fine motor skills. While she was busy sorting I was able to enter grades. Hooray for multi-tasking! 8. Dinner that I did not have to make or pay for. Thankful for sweet students who give Panera gift cards for Christmas. 9&10. She is obsessed with wearing my shoes. 11.My grandparents brought dinner on Wednesday night and watched Pip while I ran. They are amazing. 12. Strawberries dipped in sour cream and brown sugar, I know the combination sounds weird, but it's so good. Pip and I ate this for our snack every afternoon this week. 13. Couch to 5k, week 3! My legs are sore, but I am feeling strong. 
Hope you had a fantastic work week friends. Three cheers for the weekend!

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